tara lynne franco ceramics
About the Artist

Tara Lynne Franco is a graduate of the Crafts and Design program at Sheridan College in Ontario and has been working clay for over 16 years.

Tara earned an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies, Urban and Regional Planning, from the University of Waterloo and has worked as a professional planner and policy advisor in the public sector where she has played a leadership role in local environmental and sustainable development issues.  Passion for the environment, and a commitment to make a difference in her community, both inspires and informs her work. 

Tara has received several awards and recognitions for her work including the City of Hamilton Art Award for Fine Craft.  She has permanent installations in the Archives of Ontario at York University, and the Crafts and Design wing of Sheridan College and her work is part of the Permanent Collection of the Art Gallery of Burlington.

Tara was a Founding Board Member for AllSorts Gallery on Ottawa Street in Hamilton, is on the organizing committee for the successful annual  West Hamilton Artists Tour and is a former President of the Potters' Guild of Hamilton and Region.

Tara was the Ceramics Technician in 2013/14 working with Ceramics Professor Trudy Golley in the Visual Arts Department at Red Deer College in Alberta.

Tara creates her work in downtown Toronto, Ontario.