tara lynne franco ceramics
Artist Statement
Form, texture, surface, design, colour.  I use these elements to create contemporary ceramic works that are both an enjoyment to the eye and a pleasure to use everyday.  Each piece is elegantly appointed and functional, allowing the rich texture to make a statement on its own, or when coupled with food creates a perfect composition.  Some of these pieces feature hints of colours in turquoise, lilac, turmeric, tangerine and apple.

I also continue to explore my interest in creating unique, compositions of porcelain and earthenware elements representing what can be found in nature and that which is man-made – leaves, flowers and buds alongside impressions from cast -away items such as garbage and recyclables.  I also incorporate reclaimed metal, paper, ceramic shards, and other found materials into many of the pieces.  Glaze is used as the vehicle to fuse the layered individual elements together in the kiln allowing for spontaneity, improvisation, risk, and some uncertainty as the pieces evolve throughout the process of making.  Like the bricoleur, or junk man, I collect things that are reminiscent of the past and the present and catalogue, reorder and arrange them into three-dimensional sculptural objects that invite the viewer to reflect upon the relationship between themselves and their environments and the personal history they will leave behind.

I am currently exploring new forms, design and surface texture as part of my studio practice in Toronto.  My Facebook page Tara Lynne Franco Ceramics features some of these works in progress.  My blog showcases some of techniques I was trying while working in Red Deer Alberta in 2013 - www.taralynnefranco.blogspot.com.